Clip lamp-Lambisy
Clip lamp-Lambisy
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Clip lamp-Lambisy
Clip lamp-Lambisy
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Clip lamp

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Product Description

If there is a sudden power outage and the room is dark, will you be panicked, at least disliked or a little irritable? When you are reading the highlights of a book, it's all dark suddenly, what to do?
Our Charging clip light, with built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery, can provide 4-6 hours of light continuously, so that you have enough time to complete the things you want to do in an orderly manner. For example, you can take a bath as usual by clamping or putting it in washroom. Or finish your diary with its light.This lamp can be tried to be placed anywhere you want. It can be clipped, seated, or hung, giving you many options. Love it? Then just get it.

Packing List

style: Plug-in (without battery)
Charging (with battery)

1* Cable

1* User manual

1* Packing box