About Us

Welcome to Lambisy!

Lambisy (founded in 2015 and headquartered in Shanghai, China) is committed to offering our customers a variety of the latest products, including Home Improvement, Pet Supplies, Gardening, DIY Crafts, Tools and Accessories, and so on. Our mission is to provide quality, fun and innovative products that will inspire you to live your best life.

The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

We strive to be one of the world's leading e-commerce grocery online stores and serve our global customers.

Our friendly customer service looks after you every step of the way. If you have a question or comment, reach out to us, we are happy to help.


Giving people the solution to their problems through awesome new innovative products at the best prices possible.

Our Secret

We ship directly from the top factories on the planet, and pass the savings on to you.

The Downside

You have to wait longer for shipping (usually between 15-20 days).

The Upside

Incredible savings, and incredible, quality-assured items backed by our famous 100% money-back guarantee.

If that sounds amazing to you, you're not alone. Our quick growth has been incredibly exciting, and we're so grateful to each and every one of you!

We hope you can find what you are looking for in our store. If you have any questions please contact us:

Contact Email: [email protected]


  • 100% Money-back guaranteed: love your items, or return them for a full refund.
  • Easy returns (so there's no risk in buying)
  • Free worldwide shipping on all orders, with no minimums whatsoever.